Hiuwai Chan (Honkong)
Artist in Residence @ bblackboxx, 17. October-12. January

OPENING: Hello Kitty House Warming Party, 22. December, 14 p.m.- open end.

Let’s build a No-Budget Hello Kitty Therapeutic Theme Park at the Swiss Border together! After we have a Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital in Taiwan, Hello Kitty Bank Account in Hongkong, a ‘Vote for Hello Kitty as 2012 President’ Campaign in USA, why don’t we have Hello Kitty invasion at the Swiss border, next to a refugee reception centre, while the bblackboxx No-Border Cafe served as her domain.

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1. Hello Kitty BBBBegging Tour: 15. November-23. Dezember (Brussels/Barcelona/Basel/Berlin)

2. Give us Love, Give us Hello Kitty Stuff: Ongoing.

We will use the donation of Hello Kitty stuff around the globe to build a theme park. If you have any Hello Kitty items, contact us for Hello Kitty Delivery on +0797910043 or info (at), or send it to our Postbox: bblackboxx, Kraftstrasse 20, 4056 Basel.

3. Hello Kitty Non Funded Fun Day: 11. January, 2013, 1 pm.

Continuing our success of The No-Budget Hello Kitty Therapeutic Theme Park, we are going to have a activity day: drawing session, puppet and model making, photo services and costume workshop with budget resources.  All children and adults are welcome.

Free admission. We even will give you free coffee and tea.


4. Pickpocket Workshop: 12. January, 2013, 1 pm. 

In the surge of economical crises and national conflicts, using pickpocketing as a mean of survival, we share, discuss and practice experience and methodology of this historical life skill in everyday situation.We will not hold responsibility of any property lost in this event. (But there will be some comforting free tea.) This workshop is run by artist Hiuwai Chan and Heath Bunting of (





Many thanks to Moritz Bachmann, Falk Merz, Mia Nold, Ashish Rai, Abou Sanare, Maurits de Wijs und Wagenplatz Basel, Fonds Werkraum Warteck pp.